Sales & Marketing Strategy

Globalization is spurring competition and transforming market economics. New sources of competition—from virtually every part of the world—are eroding already weakened bonds of customer loyalty.

Rapid commoditization and extreme price pressure are undermining traditional sources of differentiation. Changing consumer values—in addition to entirely new consumer segments emerging in the world’s developing economies—present new sources of growth, along with new challenges to delivering satisfying, profitable customer experiences.sales_marketing-small

Why choose 1DataGroup

In this increasingly complex environment, 1DataGroup helps organizations chart a path to high performance by developing and implementing strategies that transform the way organizations interact with and engage their customers.

Key Services Offerings

Marketing Transformation Services
Superior marketing capabilities not only help attract customers, but also convert them into loyal product and service advocates. As a result, today’s savvy companies are allocating more resources toward marketing.

However, simply spending more money does not guarantee increased customer loyalty, particularly in the face of intense competition for share of mind and wallet.

1DataGroup helps chief marketing officers drive growth and achieve high performance by developing superior marketing strategies, planning the effective implementation of these strategies, and executing these plans flawlessly, quickly and efficiently.

Sales Transformation Process
Companies seeking to boost performance and grow their business depend on their sales force to drive results—and they are often disappointed. For many, improving sales performance means transforming the sales function at times, changing not only the way a company sells but even what it sells and to whom.

1DataGroup helps organizations improve sales performance by realigning strategic resources, managing sales force behaviour and enhancing operating

Customer-Centricity Services
One of the few sustainable sources of profitable growth in today’s economy is the ability to deliver a consistently satisfying customer experience. Our research into high-performance marketing and customer management has shown that organizations that enjoy strong customer loyalty also realize higher margins, revenue growth and shareholder value.

1DataGroup helps organizations chart a path to high performance through customer centricity, using a powerful combination of strategic insight and superior execution.

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