Banking & Financial Services

BFsmallThe Banking and Financial Services (BFS) industry is experiencing significant turmoil. Market volatility, increased regulation, shrinking demand, globalization and competition are driving the industry to adopt new operating models. 

Banking and Financial Services Outsourcing has been adopted by banking and financial institutions as a key strategy to survive and thrive. 1DataGroup helps leading BFS companies to ‘extend their enterprise’ and open new business horizons.

1DataGroup ‘s deep domain expertise, global delivery network and strong focus on operational excellence allow companies to focus on their core business, while it  delivers business processes and supports decision-making through its rich research and analytics capabilities.

1DataGroup combines industry best practices, proprietary tools and methodologies to deliver Banking & Financial Outsourcing services. We add value to client’s business by providing innovative solutions that help clients differentiate themselves in the marketplace. It works with clients to reduce operational costs and risk, improve customer satisfaction, unlock cost efficiencies and streamline processes through continuous improvements and technology optimization.

> Consumer, Retail & Commercial Banking
 Wealth, Investment Management & Investment Banking
> Research & Analytics
> Mobile Trading Apps

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