Clusterpoint Server is an instantly searchable XML database. Driven by its own search engine and disruptively fast ranking index, it outperforms SQL by a factor of 1000.

arrowClusterpoint makes text content in databases a first class citizen – making it simple to blend exploratory full-text search and surgical structured data query. Discover the best of both “worlds” within a single super-fast Clusterpoint database query!

arrowClusterpoint works as ALL-IN-ONE enterprise NoSQL database, search and clustering platform. It cohesively combines into one software and into one Clusterpoint API the following key features:

arrowClusterpoint has build in capability to use any of European languages to perform search also in word forms

arrowClusterpoint allows user to scale-out DB using low cost HW equipment keeping customer costs linear towards the size of DB or amount of transactions


Scalable, driven by Clusterpoint Server (Fast Full Text Search Database), Clusterpoint Network Traffic Security System (NTSS) is a raw IP packets capturing, re-engineering, indexing, storage and search system.  NTSS can store months worth of raw and re-engineered traffic and perform fast sub-second ad hoc and full text search in meta-data and protocol objects at OSI 2-7 levels (web pages, emails, documents, chat, video, audio, IP connections.












Main Features
•    Scalable traffic capture and data retention platform
•    Instant reconstruction of user activity
•    Instantaneous search of all captured content
•    Real-time alerting
•    Secure and audited role-based user access
•    Extensive management reports
•    Advanced linguistic search
•    Traffic filtration
•    Simple and easy to use web GUI
•    Open standards architecture & easy to deploy


software powered by super-fast and scalable XML database. Analyze, search and monitor log data through interactive, touch-screen enabled visual graphs!

  • Operational analysis of centralized LOG records with built-in powerful search
  • Quick incidents identification and resolution, decreasing cost and time loss
  • Real-time monitoring of log data, using visual dashboards and instrument panels
  • Consolidated view on IT infrastructure to increase productivity and efficiency of work
  • Detailed visibility in activity patterns, transactions, system status, user behaviour
  • Easy to use, touch-screen enabled web GUI designed for fast and predictive analytics
  • Open data base format, open REST API, open source log data loading software
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