Network Traffic Security System

The NTSS system can retrieve any suspicious traffic by any content or parameters within the IP packets it has captured. In this way it is possible to ask questions like the following, and be alerted with real-time triggers:
– Who posted a comment with known keywords on an Internet portal just now or X months ago?
– Who sent or received emails with attachments or texts that could indicate fraud or other dishonest activities?
– Who and How is wasting company time viewing websites or downloading video or audio files that breach our corporate IT policy?
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NTSS its Powered by Clusterpoint DBMS
Underlying Clusterpoint Full Text Search Database provides NTSS application scale out ability to very large databases in clusters without performance loss.  Enjoy guaranteed sub-second query response times from a massively distributed network traffic database with billions of XML data objects.  Split your network total data flow among multiple Clusterpoint NTSS units to accommodate your performance requirements for data capture and indexing, or to fulfill legally required data retention period.  All in a single logical database

Text, images, video, audio and additional data (e.g. Meta data and properties, dns calls, https sessions) are extracted and indexed from all relevant communications and files (including Office documents) then stored as XML format in a unique Clusterpoint database that enables instantaneous Internet-style relevancy or chronological search and full reconstruction of that content with a single click.

Clusterpoint Server has been engineered to serve as a fast scalable cluster database storage and as fast enterprise search engine at the same time.  It delivers simplicity of use in interactive web applications, at the same time providing rock-solid reliability required by 24/7 services, ideally fitting to Clusterpoint NTSS application needs.  The Clusterpoint DBMS software was designed from the ground-up without complexities of legacy DBMS:

Clusterpoint NoSQL database server architecture

Clusterpoint Scalable NoSQL database platform network architecture is a generic distributed cluster / grid database management system software:

Clusterpoint NoSQL Full Text Search database server scalable cluster cloud dbms architecture

Each uniquely named data storage (database) is available for application developers and users as a single logical database.  Extra partitioning in application software is not required.

Clusterpoint DBMS automatically builds complete full text index, structural index and semi-structural index for fast search in any custom XML database:

Clusterpoint native XML database server model compared to RDBMS relational database model

Clusterpoint applications such as Network Traffic Security System using the Clusterpoint database platform require no integration with a 3rd party enterprise search tool to achieve fast full text search functionality in web applications.

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