.NET development with zAppDev

zAppDev_LΟGO_200wzAppDev allows an enterprise to build applications from the ground up, driven by business processes. These are turned into models that you design with visual editors to accurately capture critical business information in terms of data, logic, processes and UI elements

<50% in the overall cost of ownership
3x faster built times
Up to 90% less cost/effort in Maintenance and Upgrades

Unique capabilities and cost savings for .NET development

How the benefits above are achieved


Business leaders, analysts, coders and clients work together in a collaborative environment – client input is earlier, cycles complete faster.

clockCoders are freed up to concentrate on higher level work across a larger number of projects, without loosing control over the code.


downloadGenerated applications are “fully portable” – they don’t need zAppDev to run. This means no ongoing commitment.



Narrows the gap between your business model and the completed code with no “translation loss”.

gear Automatic code means fast and consistent code. Code can be manually edited if desired. This reduces reliance on any individual coders.


zAppDev efficiencies are magnified during maintenance and upgrade – make changes to the models, don’t rewrite the code.

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