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Implementation verification process of customer identity


Project Brief

One of the biggest telecom Operators worldwide decided to add new feature to existing mobile application. To simplify checkout process and to resolve existing fraud issue was requested to implement customer verification process as part of My Account section.

Verification process consisted of scanning various types of documents with further validation and usage it during checkout process.

1Datagroup, which has proved itself as reliable partner, took this challenge to resolve client needs.

Project Challenges

In short period of time to implement customer identity verification process, which included following aspects:

- Validation phone number

- Fill basic user info

- Write validation rules for different document types

- Integration third party library to scan documents

-Scan user documents and handle validation info response

-Depending on the previously selected field and scanned docum ent pre-fill full user info step.




Moblie Operator


7 months

Functional Area


Mobile Development


Technology Stack

We used highly advanced, yet simple technologies to develop an implementation process for customer identification to the customer's business requirements.. We made the process for Customer Identity within the system easy to verify with predefined steps and thus decreasing time for customer identification by 50% comparing to the old system.. The technology we used for the development of of the Implementation Process includes -





▪ Swift

▪ Objective-C

▪ Firebase

▪ Jenkins





SQLite, Core Data, Userdefaults, Realm



Facebook SDK, Google SDK

Crash Tracking

Crashlytics, Firebase TestFlight, XCode

▪ CI/ CD

▪ Pods

▪ Unit Testing

▪ Git


















Implementation process was split on 2-week sprints based on agile methodology with biweekly made demo to the client.
Implementation new functionality was divided in several phases.
-  Application architecture analysis of existing application.


Authentication process

- Validation current user phone number
- Add ability to login with another phone number
- Filling short user data.
- Validation process of filled data.
- Validation process of different type of documents

Scan document process:

- Run POS Run of Scan document service
- Checking selected document type
- Scan Document
- Preparation process for sending photo of document to the server
- Validation document info
- Parsing and saving document info for further usage

Personal Data:
Pre-filling user data based on previously saved information
Writing missing ui elements
Add validation of user info
Add geographic API Service

General architecture implementation
Introducing Clean Architecture principles
Modal View Presenter Architecture
Unify new feature implementation process

New API endpoints implementation
Use DXL API service
Implement onboarding journey process
Add ability to get data depending on selected language
Made service flexible and reusable


1Datagroup successfully implemented new feature on an existing application. Functionality was delivered in 7 months to the client. Chosen approach by following agile methodology helped to realize the product in the shortest possible time with constant feedback from the client.

Verification process of customer identity significantly decreased fraud and simplified checkout process for end user.

Based on the provided results, the client decided to explore the possibilities of further cooperation with 1Datagroup, which ultimately led to further cooperation in other business areas of client ecosystem.


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