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Music App to Maximize User Collaboration and Song Downloads from Apple Music & Spotify


Project Brief

The client intended to develop a collaborative music app "JukeBaux". They wanted the app to facilitate real-time collaboration between users.

The client approached us to build an app that incorporated all the necessary specifications and a user-friendly interface. The client was keen to build a user-centric music app that gave users the freedom over their choices.


Project Challenges

Enabling users to share audio via their device's Wi-Fi was a significant challenge. Our expertise is crucial in designing the system in a way that would allow other devices in the network to discover and communicate without effort. We also had to incorporate features like user-permission and playlist refresh to pull in fresh content.



Music Mobile


27 months

Functional Area


Mobile Development


Technology Stack

We used highly advanced, yet simple technologies to develop JukeBaux to the customer's specification. We made the app more reliable and capable of increasing user engagement. The technology we used for the development of JukeBaux includes -





Rest API, HTTP, Alamofire, NSUrlSession



SQLite, Core Data, Userdefaults, Realm



Facebook SDK, Google SDK

Crash Tracking

Crashlytics, Firebase TestFlight, XCode, HockeyApp




















Location-based User Collaboration

We designed the collaboration feature that allowed devices to detect and communicate with another device in the network.

The collaboration based on location was an effective feature because it facilitated the creation of playlists called "Baux". The feature was effective when the device was online and offline. In online mode, it permitted streaming content from Apple Music and Spotify. However, in offline mode, users could expand their playlist through collaboration

High-quality UI


The user interface for JukeBaux was designed for maximum efficiency in user navigation. We used Swift and Java to create a powerful, simple, and seamless interface that felt great in the hands of audiophiles.

The sophistication and performance of the JukeBaux was a cut above the rest because of the .NET and SQL database.

Playlist Refresh


We used the SignalIR framework to facilitate voting and playlist refreshing. This enabled the app to populate the playlist with the recent files uploaded by the collaborating users.

With SignalIR, users could join the playlist, offline or online. The voting feature allowed users to see music recommendations based on their preferences.


The JukeBaux music app was vigorously tested against the benchmark parameters to ensure it was optimized for performance.

We tested the users in iOS and Android operating systems to ensure seamless and robust functionality.

The app was also synced with Cloud services like Spotify and Apple Music to ensure bug-free performance.


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