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Business Models of Cooperation










Onsite + Offshore


This model involves having one or more engineers working onsite at the client site.

These onsite engineers work as on-site development resources and also act as a liaison between client’s in-house engineering teams and offshore engineers in our Development centers.

100% Offshore


The entire team is based out of 1Datagroup’s offshore development center.

The client designates one senior staff member as the project manager, who acts as the main point of contact for the offshore team and is responsible for coordinating day to day offshore task assignments.

Hybrid, Onsite + Offshore


This is an extension of the 100% offshore model with an exception that offshore team members get a chance to visit the client’s offices and interact with product management, software development and QA teams.

Onsite and offshore work tasks vary from project to project


Your Software Development Outsourcing Partner



Access the top software engineering talent and scale your development efforts flexibly and cost-efficiently



What you get with  1DATAGROUP software development outsourcing services



Superior quality of work


We don’t down tools until you’re completely satisfied with our service and, with a client satisfaction rating of 98%, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands.


Access to top talent


Flexible scaling


Cost efficiency


Geographical proximity


Unified cultural approach


Faster product launch

Benefits of Having Your Own Dedicated Offshore Software Development



1Datagroup takes charge of the IT needs of the entire enterprise.

1Datagroup offers dedicated software development professionals who fit hand-in-glove into your current work environment.

These resources will function as an extension of your in-house development team

You would be having your own offshore (remote) software team, but without the overheads of employing them.

There is no HR issues to deal with,

no recruitment headache,

No space issues and no need to budget for the infrastructure

Creating the Development Process



  • Our dedicated engineers team adopt the conventions and processes of the client development group.
  • Collaboratively set up an iterative knowledge transfer process.
  • Provide complete control, transparency, and visibility to the client.
  • Discover, escalate, and mitigate risks early.
  • Use appropriate task division to factor in various stages of inter-team communication and project management.


Creating Your Own Dedicated Software Development Teams



1   We ask you for project requirements.


2   We present trained, qualified engineers expressly suited for the project and skill sets.


3 You talk to these candidates (telephone/Skype or through video conferencing) and subsequently select the desired resources and the team size.


4   Resources are dedicated to you for a fixed duration of time


5 1Datagroup provides the complete infrastructure for the dedicated resources (i.e. connectivity, computers, Servers, Special Purpose Equipment, VOIP phones etc)


6   Full project reporting to you on as frequently as possible through a local on-site project manager





Own dedicated team: What this means;



is that you can get technically savvy software professionals that work solely at your directions, and exclusively at your projects – at significantly lower costs.

You can begin with a few engineers and then add as a project ramps up. That is a smart way to build a product or complete an important software project!!

These resources (i.e., software developers) use processes and methodologies mandated by you,

Dedicated team works at the client's timezone




























Engagement Models


As regards various modes of working, we offer our clients different options depending upon



The nature of relationship

The complexity of the work

Client comfort factor and other such parameters

Project specific requirements

Transparent Engagement Model



Our Transparent Engagement Model allows a fast-paced client development group to engage with us without losing any control and visibility.

This is in contrast to the Full Offshore Engagement Model used on typical IT services projects, where a client does not have complete knowledge or control of the team or its processes.


The Transparent Model means that our clients will know their offshore team and can have complete access to each engineer as if they were the client’s own employee.

Our process model enables us to create a seamless extension of your development center and you can direct engineers in any way you like.

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