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February 10, 2023

Custom Chatbots and Artificial Intelligense

Reading an article regarding "How will Google and Microsoft AI chatbots affect us and how we work?" its paramount for businesses to think and start exploring avenues, how to embrace AI more into their business.

1Datagroup has dedicated department developing Artificial Intelligence services and strategies for companies. Below follows a short description of company's capabilities and expertise.

We propose a chatbot development strategy that will be a perfect fit for your business goals and end user experience.

Let the bots do what they are made for! We are experts to build intelligent bots to drive a natural conversational experience to your users and bots that simplify processes.

  • NLP / Deep Learning Based Chatbot Development
  • Flow based Chatbot Development
  • Functional Chatbot Development
  • Chatbot Backend Development
  • Chatbot Development with Dialogue flow (API.AI)
  • Chatbot Development using IBM Watson Framework

    Advanced Predictive Business Analytics

    We help you in taking proactive business decisions to minimize risks and achieve the results.

    Our experts develop and deploy advanced predictive analytics solutions to your existing system applications leveraging AI and Machine Learning algorithms.

    Visual Recognition


    Machine Learning (ML) specialists at 1Datagroup's develop visual recognition solutions to identify objects, faces, text, scenes, etc. and provide related insights, just as a human would do.

    Our ML-driven solutions help you to tag, categorize and search visual content using deep learning algorithms.

    We have capabilities to deliver visual recognition solutions for diverse industries like automotive, retail, manufacturing, surveillance, healthcare, etc

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