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As a telecom provider, your world is dramatically different than it was even five years ago. Consumers and businesses have more choices than ever, driving churn and causing ARPU to stagnate.

The risk of fraud and cyberattacks is higher than ever. And back-end technology needs to be upgraded to support the kinds of next-generation services, offerings, and experiences buyers want.

For some telcos, that’s scary. Others – the innovators – recognize it as an opportunity for growth. OTTs aren’t going away. Data isn’t going to become less valuable.

The providers who embrace digital transformation, with IT solutions for telecom industry, will not only mitigate the effects of this period of volatility – they’ll thrive in it.




Improved predictive analytics capabilities

Monetized data and CDRs

Tight alignment between product offerings and buyer needs

Increased ARPU and reduced churn

Better insight into customers

Reduced hardware costs due to leveraging the cloud

Protection from fraud and cyberattacks

Better customer service utilizing AI-driven automation

Reduced compliance risk


Integrated IT Solutions


1Datagroup is a global software development and technology consultation partner with years of experience helping telecom leaders thrive in a time of change.

We provide the bandwidth and expertise you need to innovate and evolve in order to meet your most critical business challenges.

We’ve helped organizations, turn their existing data into actionable insights and build the products their customers want.

Based on your business objectives, we can develop effective digital transformation solutions like these that impact your entire organization, increasing efficiency, mitigating risk, and turning existing assets into drivers of growth.

Cloud Migration Services

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Data Analytics

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Business Intelligence

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Managed Network Services

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Telecom Applications

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Billing Services

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Order Provisioning & Management

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Customer Acquisition

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CRM & Operations

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Managed IT & Digital Solutions

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Industry based IOT Solutions & Applications

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Testing & QA Services

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Oracle Services

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Application Development

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Digital Telecom Services

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IT Services

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Programming  Expertise

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