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Full-Cycle Ecommerce and Retail Technology Solutions



Enabling businesses to reap the advantages of new digital technologies and create connected experiences


Customers now demand an omnichannel retail experience with enriched and personalized engagement.

With our deep expertise in digital commerce consulting and technology implementation, we enable retailers and eCommerce businesses to extend their market footprint and access the new customer base. We have proficiency in developing and deploying retail technology accelerators and eCommerce platforms to support the rapid shift to digital.

With ready-to-market retail technology frameworks – Applications, Platforms, and Digital Services, we can squeeze months of development cycle into weeks.

Our full-cycle technology solutions move brick and mortar stores to digital fronts and eCommerce stores to new levels of growth.

With COVID Support Solution, we are enabling retailers and eCommerce businesses to deliver unified, personalized, and safer shopping experience, winning both customers and employees.

Further, our CoE delivery model in a vast range of technologies with professional capabilities in AI and automation is helping retailers to gain new insights and unlock higher cost-efficiency.

We can deliver replicable success in digital store development, next-generation retail IT infrastructure, digital marketing, AI-powered data analytics, and omnichannel eCommerce fulfillment.


Our Process



Starting with high-level concept, we conduct a series of workshops to define the final vision. Wireframes, fully rendered compositions, and interactive prototypes allow us to collaboratively agree on the site design.

Putting the client first is key to the project’s success, actively listening and understanding is key. Developing to the highest standard, pixel perfect, is where design becomes a real digital experience

The solutions to domain specific Ecommerce needs


Electronic commerce (e-commerce) has turned out to be an ultimate way for reaching out to wider potential audiences in a safer, faster and also in an easier way.

Come and join with the nimbleness and efficiencies that pool of talented developers and ecommerce solution provider of 1Datagroup beholds for a complete ecommerce technology solution.


Get your key to success as we will work as a team and would not rest until you get served with quality and industry best e-commerce development solution.


After all, delivering exceptional and amazing success stories to each of our valuable clients is what we prioritize in.


Creative Services


Offering a full range of creative services from illustration to user experience design, covering desktop and mobile, 1Datagroup has the experience and passion to collaborate with our clients on their digital transformation journey. We love clients who have a vision and come to us for help making it into compelling stories told through their website.

The team is just as comfortable with taking existing web experiences, style guide, wireframes and comps developed elsewhere and optimizing them for SEO, conversation and platform fit with best practices in mind.



When you have many options, why choose 1Datagroup?


1Datagroup provides digital marketing solutions on several leading cloud platforms. As a digital agency, our team is skilled at capturing business requirements and transforming them into a professional visual representation combined with a high level of functionality and automation.

Mobile Wallet Application Development


In modern web development, experience counts, with not only the number of sites launched, but also their complexity and levels of customizations. Industry verticals add their own dimension, each one expanding functionality unique to that type of business.

1Datagroup has been working on e-commerce implementations since the very beginning, launching sites across verticals covering everything from food and consumer goods to digital goods and sporting apparel

Custom Mobile Wallet Programming


Strong project management and using the right resources for each job are cornerstones of our project execution approach. 1Datagroup has dedicated teams for ERP customization and scripting, functional configuration and digital marketing, giving you the depth of expertise you need for the job.

Project managers are e-commerce specialists and act as the glue to pull all of the resources together, driving project schedule and customer communications to the highest level of excellence.

Mobile Wallet Application Development


Team is everything. The right combination of skills and abilities can make or break your implementation. At 1Datagroup, we believe that keeping resources “on-shore” allows for better collaboration, higher quality of delivery, and outstanding value for our clients.

We hold our consultants to the highest level when it comes to platform knowledge, and guarantee that your project team will have certified developers working with you to create an exceptional online experience.

Our Ecommerce Services



Custom e-commerce Solutions


Having a bulletproof e-commerce platform is crucial for the success of your online business. We use advanced technology to provide you with the most comprehensive and custom e-commerce solutions that allow you to achieve your core business goals and objectives and provides unmatched business value.

We use various e-commerce platforms, such as Magneto, Shopify, BigCommerce, and OsCommerce to plan, design, and develop easy-to-manage and highly-functional e-commerce stores that will generate improved sales and improve your conversion ratio.

Payment Gateway Integration


We can help you integrate multiple payment gateways into your online business stores to facilitate secure and simple online transactions. We have extensive experience with payment gateway services and payment gateway implementation and can help you with payment gateway integrations for all the major payment gateway service providers. Make receiving payments from your customers a breeze by choosing our payment gateway integration services.

   Custom e-commerce Website Design Services




We fully understand that a powerful e-commerce website can serve as the foundation of your online business and understand the significance of using the latest technology to create stunning e-commerce solutions.

Our custom e-commerce website design services offer the best in terms of standard features and functionality while still remaining completely customizable and agile. 1Datagroup is a leading e-commerce web development company and can provide you with the exact e-commerce solution that you need.

Shopping Cart Development Services


You can better connect with your target audience and increase sales by making use of our robust shopping cart development services.

We use the latest tools and technologies as well as industry best-practices to provide you with a highly flexible and customizable shopping cart solution that makes shopping for your customers extremely user-friendly.

We provide impressive search, design, and easy navigation features that will keep your customers coming back for more. With our e-commerce shopping cart solutions, you can take your online store to the next level.

E-commerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development Services


An e-commerce marketplace is where buyers can connect with multiple sellers/vendors in one location. With our e-commerce multi-vendor marketplace development services, you can easily create an online marketplace and achieve greater penetration and increased sales.

With an e-commerce marketplace, you can establish a continuous connection between buyers and sellers and provide your shoppers with a seamless shopping experience.

E-commerce Store Customization Services


With our e-commerce store customization services, you can go beyond the available store designs and create a unique brand identity.

With our e-commerce store customization services, you can give your shoppers a large number of options to customize the products they buy.

The more variety your e-commerce store provides, the greater will be the need for a custom e-commerce store that meets diverse requirements. With a custom-built e-commerce store, you can provide your shoppers with greater flexibility and a greater number of options.

  Responsive e-commerce Website Design Services



The online world is confronted with a myriad of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. Developing and managing a different code base for different devices with different resolutions is not effective and efficient.

Undertaking responsive web design provides a smart solution by making apps and websites resize and adapt their content based on the screen size of the device.

With our responsive e-commerce website design services, you get a state-of-the-art e-commerce solution that optimally displays on any device anywhere.

  E-commerce Support and Maintenance Services


Having the right e-commerce website maintenance and support services can do wonders for your e-commerce store and website. 1Datagroup is a leading e-commerce service provider and provides a host of e-commerce business solutions, including support and maintenance services.

We provide effective and reliable e-commerce website and web app maintenance services that ensure that your e-commerce website and web app always runs optimally without any hitches or glitches.

We support your brand across a variety of channels allowing you to rapidly boost brand awareness and recognition and drive sales.



















Newest Technological Services to Develop the Future of Your Business



1Datagroup  not only delivers industry best customized e-commerce solutions but also makes it sure that you get a modified CMS solutions.

Easy tracking, detailed analyzing, effective management of inventory are just to mention a few among several other benefits that you would gain with us. In the course, we guarantee your business with a substantial online business presence that would help in generating a higher profit margin.

Our service is not limited to providing a platform for purchasing and selling but with every tit and bits responsible in carrying out a successful business over the internet.






We make no compromise in fitting your e-commerce



development needs with all the latest languages and frameworks






















Our Differentiation


  • Our software frameworks and solutions, combined with comprehensive product engineering services, enable customers to accelerate new product development across core, access and aggregation networks.
  • We offer flexible engagement models for our professional services, including revenue-based risk and reward, a time-and-material model with nearshore and partnership option to open joint development certer and onsite delivery, and a project-based model with an agreed upon statement of work.
  • 1Datagroup has consistently and successfully enabled companies to deliver high-quality products for over 6 years across multiple broadband technologies and applications.

Business models

1Datagroup can offer various types of cooperation, depending on customer’s requirements and needs.


Another services

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