Software Development Process

A good software development process removes the element of wizardry at the management level, while allowing flexibility, creativity and ownership at the programming level. It makes success repeatable and projects predictable.

1Datagroup believes that: you cannot build a software engineering powerhouse without strong, dependable processes.

As a software development partner, we often follow engineering practices and principles as required by clients.

The process we deploy for software development is explained below and refers to the basic principles we use. In many cases, specific client inputs are embedded into this process to meet customer needs and exact project requirements, thus our process is flexible and designed to serve its customer with a  unique approach for each business request.


arrowMethodology: software engineering techniques and tools;

arrowProject Initiation: how a project starts;

arrowImplementation: executing a project towards implementation;

arrowMonitoring:  how is reporting and monitoring done;

arrowClosure: finishing a project;

arrowQA: quality processes;

arrowMetrics: the role of metrics in a project;


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