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Country of Origin Information (COI) Portal is a SharePoint application which is used by European Asylum Support Office (EASO) to provide quick access for decision makers to informational  on countries from which asylum seekers originate.

EASO in cooperation with external COI experts produce regular reports on key countries of origin. The experts used to use e-mails to communicate to each other.

In order to make report generation process more structured EASO came with idea to provide workspaces, as new module inside of COI Portal, where experts can work together on the report


Create collaborative workspace where experts can work together on creation of the report based on Terms of Reference.




Public Sector


14 months

Functional Area

Software development





  • SharePoint 2013
  • JSOM
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Open XML SDK
  • SignalR
  • JQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Git


1Datagroup’s team developed workspace which included following functionalities:

  • Individual work area where user can work on own part of report.
  • Sharing area where users can exchange with documents.
  • Directory of specialists.
  • Chat to allow users exchange with messages.
  • Document compilator to allow users compile final report from individual parts.


The workspace was implemented as web template in order to simplify creation of the workspace's instances for each country and improve maintainability.

Individual and sharing areas were implemented as custom document libraries.  To organize permissions for each document in the libraries according to business requirements set or events receivers were delivered.

Directory of specialist was implemented as custom SharePoint web-part. The chat was integrated in it. The chat was based on custom SharePoint list where messages stored.

A event receiver was developed to set permissions for messages and inform clients about new messages. SignalR was used to push messages from server side to client side.

Document compilator was implemented as application page. Open XML SDK was used to combine individual documents into one document.



1Datagroup’s team developed new workspace module inside of COI portal according to the customer requirements and  in the estimated period of time.

The workspaces help national COI experts make their day to day work in a structured way, provide centralized storage for all country related information and improve accessibility of the information, allow experts communicate to each other effectively.


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