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Microsoft 365 Solution for Real Estate



It needed a highly customized solution for the real estate industry with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which should be completely based on Open Estate standard.

1    Have an effective data management system to store and process the huge database of customers as buyers and sellers as well as of properties.
2   Keeping the sync between CRM real estate property data with different web portals.
3   Secure email communication with potential customers related to their specific requirements.
4   Cost-Effective data storage which can hold a large number of property images and documents
5   Creation of personalized Expose Templates.
6   Publish the solution to Microsoft AppSource.



Public - Private Sector


13 months

Functional Area


Software Development



  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Power Objects


  • Prompt engaged with the client to help them develop and personalize their real estate management solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Property Categorization.
  • Multilayered Search Functionality.
  • Document generation of Customized property portfolio.
  • Auto Synced SharePoint document management system with Power Attachment.
  • Cost-effective and load free storage of high-volume data: Azure blob storage.
  • Distribution of object data and photos by mouse click on various portals in line with immo standards with IDX and OpenImmo Protocol.
  • Download properties from different web portals and store that into CRM
  • Azure Cloud service to pass property information to FTP.
  • Customer-based and property-based transaction tracking.



  • Modern cloud solution without investment in- house server and IT infrastructure.
  • Enables targeted communication.
  • Creates time for the essentials.
  • Structured, efficient management of objects - all data and photos at a glance.
  • Cost-effective data storage with the integration of SharePoint and Azure blob storage.

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