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Migration of existing client solution on Office 365 and extending the functionalities


The European Agency decided to migrate existing solution Excel Add-In Application in order to support:

  1. Office 2013 (backward capability)
  2. Office 365 and it’s client versions: Office 2016 or/and Office 2019

Extending the Actual PMR functionality will add possibility for the user to make the selection of criteria in Excel so as to perform a specific action.

1Datagroup in cooperation with trusted partner which offering IT services to large enterprises in the Public, Financial, Telecommunications and Private sector and have implemented “ecosystem” for PMR that related to time tracking, metrics management, planning, budgeting management needs and activities conversions speed up migration process and extending functionality.


Migration of Excel Add-In Application on the base of analysis problems with rendering controls and data in excel comparing different types of data and excel templates and find the way to make them compatible.

Implement customer request which extending functionality: create more complex model and logic to enable the retrieval and upload of actuals entity for several months at the same time and implement dynamic rendering it in excel view.




Public Sector


16 months

Functional Area

Software development





  • .NET 4.7.2
  • Microsoft Office Add-ins
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Web API 2.x
  • Microsoft Entity Framework 6.x
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016
  • MDS
  • Angular 5+
  • Office Fabric JS
  • Azure DevOps
  • Office 365
  • Git


The process was divided in 2 phases in order to allow the team to easily control results on milestones.

Phase 1: Check what is effected on office 365 and need to be fixed. Migrate existing solution.

  • Analysis scope of problems with rendering excel views
  • Fixed area that effected on office 365
  • Fix date formatting of MDS entities
  • Excluding data related to old units
  • Update the last database, sync the last MDS and update the code

 Phase 2 Implement customer request is to enable the retrieval of actuals for several months at the same time.

  • Retrieve criteria month selection drop-down became multiple selection
  • The retrieved months rendered dynamically on actual has excel template and be read-only or read-write with respect to the current estimation frequency type
  • Retrieve query changed to select actuals from multi month selected
  • Upload saved changes done on the allowed month actuals values.
  • Upon uploading actuals for multiple months, make the system created a new version for the months which are locked

Front end application:

  • Retrieve criteria month selection drop-down
  • The excel template

Backend application API:

  • Actual retrieve query
  • Actual upload command



1Datagroup in collaboration with partner successfully migrated existing client solution: fix problems with rendering controls and data, make compatible data/excel templates and extending retrieve, upload functionality on the inventory during short period of time due to usage of existing Office Add-In application. The product was delivered to the client in 16 months.

Established process (two phase implementation) helped to organize user acceptance testing for the first part of the functionality and to implement change requests in the second phase that made product more user-oriented.

All existing requirements including customer request for extending functionality supported in Office 365 and it’s client versions: Office 2016 and Office 2019 and deep tested.

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