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The main goal  was to help increase footfall of customers with multiple ways to enhance direct engagement and loyalty.  The mission for us was to provide a complete Android app from the scratch and integration of newly proposed features into the existing iOS app.

CMS and backend were also needed to be worked upon to adopt those new features.


Due to the challenges being faced by bar owners with fierce competition, the client wanted to come up with a platform that enables businesses to engage directly with customers.

1Datagroup helped this client with an idea to develop a 360 degree marketing platform for bar & restaurant businesses.




IOS & Android


7 months

Functional Area

Bars, Bar customers, Staff, Bar owners




  • IOS
  • PHP

    Based on the client requirements, we planned to start design and development in sync.

    As the new Android app needed to match the existing iOS app, we assigned more resources to Android development with single resources for iOS, UI/UX and Backend development needs.

    The expertise and collaboration of our dev team helped us to overcome the challenge of old and new coding standards.




    iOS and Android app development teams at 1Datagroup completed the first phase of the project within the given timeline.

    The client is satisfied with what he has got from us, in terms of commitment, communication, integrity, quality coding, appealing UI/UX or post-launch support.

    As a result of successful phase-1, we have finalised to start the phase-2 on a dedicated model along with having discussions about the phase-3 features.


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