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May 27, 2021

1Datagroup participates in E-commerce conference in Berlin with full team

The Ecommerce Confererence in Berlin has just finished and it included 2 full days online of extremely interesting topics and panels of discussion.

We were particularly interested in the topics of:
From Zero to the Top: the E-commerce App for Connected Services Will Soon Emerge to Become a Scalable Marketplace for Mercedes-Benz.

„Artificial Intelligence“ - The customer journey doesn´t stop beyond dunning

The purpose of Cloud for your future

Emotional is the new digital - how to sell products online in times of Covid-19

Betrugsprävention neu denken - Dank Künstlicher Intelligenz und verhaltensbasierter Biometrie

"We are excited to have completed  the participation at E-Commerce Conference in Berlin, learning and listing new ideas about AI, Cloud and E commerce topics for Sellers and Buyers. Our contribution continues to be a key component of client’s expansion into the mobile device management market.," said Alexei Kobalev 1Datagroup expert in Ecommerce"

"Its very exciting listening to speakers from Mercedes Benz, Shopware and Epages exchanging ideas on new trends to consumers insight for better understanding on shopping habits? How to navigate sales in Covid 19 era? and understand new trends in E Commerce and how it can work better with Ecommerce?

1Datagroup has since its inception created and strengthen an already strong and solid Ecommerce department, embracing the latest technologies and investing in the latest market tools and apps to help our customers overcome E Commerce problems, using 1Datagroup's trusted and adept Ecommerce experts.

1Datagroup its proud to have Ecommerce clients across Europe and to have increased its market share and revenue stream, through this very difficult year, navigating on Covid 19.

We are looking forward to further expanding our Ecommerce department and opening new branch office very soon in Europe to service our clients locally and internationally.

“We are thrilled to have navigated through Covid 19 and expanded our Ecommerce Team and client portfolio. Looking forward to two fold growth for this year in European markets and USA and being very proud of our very skilled team of experts .” – George Polatsidis, Founder and Chairman of 1Datagroup"

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