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Understanding Quality and emphasizing on why a Testing Plan should come first by not being just a “part” of your team but being a “partner” in your team






Salesforce Testing


Business worldwide uses Salesforce for its CRM activities, and it has its own challenges - realtime integration with other applications, incomplete requirements, data mapping, migrations, and validations, duplicate records.

We help businesses with faster, efficient, and cost-effective testing & validation of their end-to-end implementations and business workflows.

Our Salesforce Testing CoE has a repository of pre-built test accelerators that includes both manual test cases, automated test scripts, test data management processes, and an in-house test automation framework. Our top-notch testing experts can help you build and maintain a proven test strategy.

We cover all Salesforce modules - contact and opportunity management, reports and dashboard, console for service, case management, queue management, email client integration, lead management.

Test Advisory & Consulting


As software development mechanisms change, the testing practice has also evolved. DevOps, Agile, automation, changing tester skill-set and new-age tech like AI-ML have transformed the testing landscape.

But these can be daunting to set up, augment and disseminate in organizations.

Whether you’re looking to set up or transform your testing capabilities, our Test Advisory & Consulting provides end-to-end services.

We enable companies to better understand and improve their testing focus in terms of people, processes, technology, and tools.

We provide accelerators that quickly launch customized solutions to help catapult your testing practice to higher maturity in line with current practices of Agile / DevOps.


















Automated tests for continuous efficiency


We emphasize on building automated tests so we never have to waste our time with repetitive manual testing.

But that doesn't mean we value manual testing any less. We use it a lot for exploratory testing or any specific use cases that require more human-centric focus.

We deploy tools like Selenium, TestComplete, Ranorex, Cucumber and others to set up complete test automation cycle for you.

We build you a system that will allow you to try different test scenarios at once, decide the right test for each scenario (be it Unit testing, API testing or any other) and control test execution without any human intervention.

This ensures better test coverage and accuracy and also saves tons of time.

Security Testing


In this connected age of omnichannel deployments, software delivered as a service, cloud deployments, etc., a security lapse anywhere is threat to the entire system.

Therefore, it is incumbent on organizations to ensure that security is baked into the process early in the development lifecycle.

1Datagroup’s security assessment services focus on application security assessments for vulnerabilities, Compliance testing to regulatory standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.

Our on-demand security services allow our customers to rework their security approaches to include defensive strategies baked in early in the requirements stages itself.

End To End functional Testing


Changes such as increasingly demanding customers, regulatory complexity, shift to configured business flows and increase in new-age tech (AI, ML, Blockchain) based applications have made testing more critical than ever before.

The risks of releasing a product without rigorous quality assurance, across channels and stages of the development lifecycle, could never have graver implications.

1Datagroup’s end-to-end customer experience focus ensures software application/product quality by providing measures for Reliability, Quality, Usability, and Conformity.

Our services cover functional end-to-end focus across the web, mobile and APIs to ensure that they function exactly as intended.

Performance Testing - Engineering


Disruption or delay in the functioning of an application not just causes revenue loss but also hurts the company’s brand and credibility.

Leveraging its domain expertise in testing new-age applications powered by disruptive technologies, 1Datagroup ensures that your application is responsive and reliable.

Our Performance engineering & assurance services, comes with a focus on load, volume, availability tests.

Through performance re-engineering, we identify the performance bottlenecks and chart performance improvement plan to bolster the endurance and capacity of the application.

Business models

1Datagroup can offer various types of cooperation, depending on customer’s requirements and needs.


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